Monday, August 10, 2009

Flower girls.

About a year ago, while on vacation, Adam's cousin, Jared, asked his girlfriend to marry him. They asked if the girls would be willing to be flower girls. After much coaxing, begging and pleading (NOT!) the girls agreed! ;)

I knew that Alyssa would do great- she's such a natural performer, but I was a little worried about Karli. So, we practiced. We made a big deal out of the dresses and how special they were. The girls also had special sandals and headbands to wear. We put them on the week of the wedding and let them throw scraps of paper. It was a riot!


Cleaning up- only to throw them again!

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of them walking down while throwing their petals. I was in the canopied area acting as wedding coordinator and from where Adam was sitting, he couldn't really get a good shot. But, we have tons of pictures of them in their dresses, being their goofy selves!

Waiting for pictures to be taken!

Aren't they cute?

The girls with the bride and their cousins (Kylie is far left and CJ is on the right)


She kept dancing and then sitting down and kicking her legs up.

Jared (groom) helping Karli with her shoes.

Karli did surprisingly well. She walked down and stood with the Selena, the Maid of Honor. She asked for me once and Selena took her out the secret way, to me. She gave me a hug and then walked back to stand with the wedding party. She made it to the very end and then came down the stairs on the opposite side. I was relieved that she didn't yell and scream for me, like she had done during the rehearsal. They both did such a great job and they were so cute!

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