Monday, May 18, 2009

Homeschooling: The First Year!

The Bible says that children are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). Our children are our most precious possessions. And because of this, we want to make sure to protect them. To monitor what enters their eyes, ears, hearts and minds (of course, we fail at times). So, we made the decision to homeschool our children. This allows us to be in charge of their education. (And regardless of what I may sometimes say, I truly enjoy being with my babies. I love having them with me all day and not having to worry about what might be happening while they're away from me.)

We are reaching the home stretch of our first year. Alyssa began Kindergarten back in October and has done really well (I'm, of course, flaunting my incredible teaching abilities here... ahem!) over the last several months. Her favorite subject is math (I asked- this is what she said) and then she loves to be read to. She's also really enjoyed science. Reading has been a teensy bit of a
 struggle for us- who knew you actually had to look at the words? (She tries to guess words based on the pictures- which is good but doesn't really help with the reading part.)

She also participates in HomeBase, a homeschooling enrichment program that allows her to get away from Mom for a bit and interact with kids her age. Today was the last day of class for them and they put on a bit of a show for all of us parents. Alyssa's class sang two songs; one about the continents of the world and then the other about the oceans. 

I liked the other song better (only because it had hand motions) but the file was too big. This one's still cute!

Afterwards, Grandma took us to Chuck E. Cheese. We had some super yummy pizza and played tons of games!
Don't you love how she plays?

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